How Environmental Sensors Make Your Security System Smarter

 A man holding a smartphone in a car that shows the status of various parts of his home’s security system.

Smart Sensors Alert You to Problems So You Can React

If you have a newer home, you likely have all the basic safety features. For example, by code, you'll have a smoke detector inside every bedroom and another outside the entries. This is designed to loudly alert you to potential fire so you can take action. 

However, the basic safety features might not protect you from other perils that, while not necessarily life-threatening, could be very costly when unnoticed. Fortunately, intelligent environment sensors can be tied to smart security systems to provide more comprehensive protection to your Salt Lake City, UT, home and its inhabitants. Let’s take a look at three ways smart sensors can help you.

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Smart Smoke Detectors

Standard smoke detectors will alert you to a problem when you’re home, but what about when you’re not? Maybe you forgot about that pot you left on the stove that you thought had the heat turned off. At best, you might not have a fire, but at worst, you can have significant smoke and damage to your cooktop—and harm your pet.

A connected smoke detector integrated with your smart security system can alert you on your smartphone, telling you precisely which detector is sounding the alarm. You’ll have several options to react. With smart security cameras, you can get a view of the scene and determine its urgency. If you're far from home, you can alert your neighbor and let them in remotely through a smart lock-equipped door. Of course, you can choose to call the fire department depending on the severity of the situation, and some alarms will trigger that call automatically if so connected. 

Catch Water Leaks

Even a small water leak can turn into extensive damage. If you are gone for an extended vacation, a small water leak under a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink can cause significant damage to cabinets and flooring. But with a water sensor underneath each one, you can nip that problem in the bud before it spreads. With that same integration with your smart security or home automation system, you’ll know there’s a problem to check out. And if you’re not home, you can find someone to help. 

Protect Pricey Property

Let's say you're a wine collector and have an entire room in your home for your collection with precise temperature control. Exposing wine to excess heat, cold, or humidity can turn the complex flavors of your prized bottles of 1990s vintage Piedmont Conterno Barolo into something closer to box wine. With temperature and humidity sensors in your wine room, you can closely monitor its climate on a tablet or smartphone to ensure your collection is in the right condition at all times. And when it's even slightly out of range, you'll know so you can investigate the cause. 


Want a higher level of security and protection for your Utah home? Get started by contacting the experts at Show & Tell AV Solutions today! We would love to work with you.

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