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Why Integration is Important in Smart Security Systems

A smart home system touchscreen sits on a table top.

Security is an Integral Part of Your Smart Home

You might be wondering, what exactly is a smart security system, and what do we mean by integration? This post is the third in a series on security cameras and surveillance, and in this one, we’ll cover how security is part of a smart home. 

In the first installment of this series, we talked about modern security cameras and the features and options you can choose to increase safety and security in your Salt Lake City, UT home. Then we discussed the choices for video surveillance footage and what we recommend for flexibility and privacy. 

In this post, we will discuss how all of this isn’t an island unto itself – like older security systems – but how it is an active part of your smart home, providing unprecedented control and peace of mind. 

Ready to learn more? Please keep reading below!

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Smart Home Integration

Any video surveillance system is going to provide a set of tools for using it. It may be in the form of smartphone, tablet, and computer apps or a browser-based interface. But the better systems provide more ways to access and use your surveillance system.

For example, a Control4 home automation system can integrate a video camera feed in several ways. You can view your camera locations through the central Control4 interface on a dedicated touchscreen controller, your smartphone, a tablet, or even TV.

Here’s a great example of integration. Say you’re watching a game or show on the TV, and your doorbell rings. The Control4 system can automatically pause the show and pop the image from your entry camera on the screen so you can see who it is. Is it your friend coming to watch with you? Press a button for the smart-lock-equipped door and let them in.

Smarter Security

As part of a smart home system, your video surveillance system can be a more proactive participant in your home’s security. Let’s say you have a camera in your garage, and an intruder manages to break in – side garage doors are common break-ins. Your camera can not only alert you (of course!), but also trigger the garage and house lights and a loud alarm. It can even flash your outside lights to alert neighbors and first responders if you’re not home. Startling a would-be intruder is a powerful deterrent to keep them from going further.

You can use similar features in your perimeter or yard. Today’s cameras have intelligent capabilities that can distinguish between people and animals. If you live in an area where deer might get onto your property, you don’t really want to be notified every time one saunters into your yard. Well, perhaps if they’re eating the flowers again. But if it’s a person, your camera can trigger all the outside lights. And if your alarm system is armed because you’re away, your smart home system can even put a warning message out through your outdoor speakers – just in case it’s someone that really shouldn’t be there. 


At Show & Tell AV solutions, we provide cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. To learn more about smart security solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Show & Tell AV Solutions today. 

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