The 3 Essential Features You’ll Want for Home Security Cameras

A picture of a Luma dome-style security camera.

Improve Your Home Security with These Modern Features

If you’re looking for a home security camera or system, just a little bit of searching will produce a vast array of choices. On the surface, they might seem almost identical, with many listing similar features and capabilities. But, as in most things, the differences are in the details. 

While there are many features we can discuss around security and surveillance cameras, we want to touch on three essential features you’ll want to better protect your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Ready? Keep reading!

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High Resolution 

There are many HD-resolution cameras available, but you don't need to settle for that. While acceptable, 4K resolution and above cameras will capture far more detail in the same frame. You wouldn't buy an HD TV in 2023, right? Your camera should be at least 4K. The added resolution also enhances the accuracy of intelligent features like facial, color, and vehicle recognition, making it easier to get notified of important events and quickly search video footage. High resolution also enhances detail for digital zooming, so you can zero in on a sharp image when you need to identify something.  

Enhanced Night Vision

You might see many cameras that list night vision as a feature, but some will be far more usable than others. Fuzzy night vision might alert you of activity, but you might not be able to tell much else. The best night vision cameras, such as those from Luma Surveillance, have sophisticated settings to optimize the camera for night vision. 

Depending on how much light there is in the monitoring location, the camera can provide color night vision as long as there is still some ambient light. They can switch to IR, non-color night vision when there is virtual darkness. The camera’s larger pixels and powerful processing capabilities deliver superior low-light performance in a variety of conditions. 

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Capability

As the name suggests, a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera has an additional range of versatility. A fixed camera may have a wide field of view, but it is still limited. It may capture motion but not record it well if the subject slips quickly out of view. A PTZ camera has the freedom of movement to follow a subject. 

Some, like Luma Surveillance models, can automatically track activity for up to five minutes, like a person or a vehicle. A ceiling-mounted or under-eave installation can monitor a wide area, and weather resistance makes them suitable for outdoor use. They can also pack a range of up to 150 feet for night-vision capabilities, giving you enhanced protection. Some PTZ cameras are also remotely controllable, so you can guide the camera lens and zoom in on a detected movement. 


Want a higher level of security and protection for your Utah home? Get started by contacting the experts at Show & Tell AV Solutions today! We would love to work with you.

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