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Home Lighting Control + DMF Lighting = An Enlightened Match

A kitchen in a Utah home outfitted with DMF lighting and control.

Discover the Power and Versatility of DMF DRD Series Lighting

DMF lighting is well known for its modular LED lighting systems. What's the big deal about modular lighting? It simplifies installation and provides great flexibility for homeowners to customize the lighting design in their homes. With the new, award-winning DRD Series, DMF continues to push the envelope in the ways you can use this lighting. 

Of course, any sophisticated Salt lake City residence should be outfitted with home lighting control, which not only makes it easy to manage many lights but also allows you to set the perfect atmosphere and ambiance with light. Is DMF’s DRD Series the right system for your Utah home? Keep reading to learn more!

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Engineered for Ultimate Flexibility

The DMF DRD Series is an easy pick for a home. One housing can be used for fixed, adjustable, or wall-wash applications. The beam angles are field changeable from 15 to over 90 degrees, so go ahead and position that artwork where you want it. Light output from 750 to a super-bright 1500 lumens assures you of all the light you need where you want it. The DRD Series comes in a range of color temperatures, including Warm Dim for that candlelight glow. DMF also engineers their lighting to work with all the leading lighting control systems like Lutron and Control4, with precise dimming to 1%.

Easier Installation

Forget those large cans in the ceiling taking up so much space. The DRD Series compact 4-inch housings are easier to install in crowded spaces to accommodate ductwork, plumbing, and framing. Construction is rarely done according to the initial plan, and change orders are commonplace. The modular DRD system makes it easy to change things without cutting open ceilings. Need to swap from a fixed to a wall wash fixture? It's easy and plug-and-play with quick connectors. 

Performance and Reliability

The modular design extends to the lighting fixture itself, as DMF has minimized the components for easy installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This results in a bulletproof lighting system that will provide many years of service. DMF tested the DRD Series for over 10,000 hours operating in a 113-degree Fahrenheit environment, so you know this is a reliable system. 

Just Add Lighting Control

If DMF is like a sports car of lighting, it takes a skillful driver to unleash all its performance. That's what lighting control does. With a system like Lutron or a Control4 home automation system, you can customize your lighting to the nth degree. Create lighting scenes for entertaining, watching movies, relaxing, cooking, meditating, working out, or anything else that you do, all with one-button convenience. Your lighting becomes more than functional; it can create an artistic way to enjoy your home environment fully.


Are you ready for next-level lighting in your home? Get started by contacting Show & Tell AV Solutions today! We would love to work with you.

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