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Accent Your Home with LED Linear and Color Lighting

A kitchen in a Utah home dramatically lit with LED linear under-counter lighting.

Get Creative with Home Lighting with Modern LED Fixtures

Home lighting is undergoing a quiet revolution. LED technology is thoroughly transforming the lighting world, being capable of so much more than what came before it. It can dynamically change white color temperature, display a rainbow of colors, and be shaped into lighting forms that were impossible before. 

Aside from the aesthetic possibilities, LED lighting lasts decades, is up to 80% more energy efficient, and generates little heat, one huge reason why it’s so wonderfully adaptable to many form factors. Keep reading to learn more about accenting your Park City, UT, home with linear and color LED lighting.

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Under-Cabinet Lighting

Halogen fixtures are popular for under-cabinet lighting. While it works fine, it generates significant heat, and bulbs wear out with extensive use. Revamp your under-cabinet lighting with LED tape lighting. You'll have several choices, from standard brightness to high brightness. Even better, some models offer warm dimming capability. Warm dim is the ability to dim to the level of candlelight, creating a warm glow in the space. This would be perfect for nightlights in the kitchen or setting the ambiance for a romantic dinner. Or, you can go all out with color-capable strip lights and change from white to a custom color at the flick of a button. 

Better Closet Lighting

Some closets are poorly lit. Traditionally, track lighting is used to try to illuminate every part of the space. The problem is that there are still often dark areas not reached by the aimed lights, and they cast shadows on the shelving and cabinetry. LED linear lighting can fix that. Straight-edge linear lights and tape lights can be installed under shelves and in other areas for direct, bright, and cool (minimal heat) illumination. Plus, when properly designed, the light is not only more functional but will also make your master closet dramatically more beautiful.

Highlight Art 

Adjustable downlights are useful for highlighting objects like artwork on the wall. With color-capable bulbs, you can shine different colors on art to bring out details almost in 3D. Complement the red in the flowers, the blue of the sea, or any other color that will make a dramatic statement or effect. Imagine setting the mood for a dinner party with a color theme!

Easy Control

While all these lighting options are great, you want an easy way to manage it all. Lighting control systems do it for you, setting many lights to the proper intensity, color, or temperature to set the scene for any occasion. You can eliminate multiple switches for many lighting loads and design your lights around how you use them, with individual scenes controllable by a button or even a voice command. Forget about flicking switches everywhere; you can customize your lights for one-touch operation. 


Want to learn more about accenting your home with modern LED lighting solutions? Get started on your project by contacting Show & Tell AV Solutions today! We would love to show you all the options.

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