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Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System


Always Know What’s Happening at Home

Do you worry that you forgot to lock your door when you left the house in a hurry? Or that you neglected to hit the garage opener button in your car as you took the kids to school? It often happens to many people, especially with hectic family schedules and work demands.

The good news is that today's smart security technology has come to the rescue. There's no need to fret, as a security camera system can easily keep an eye on what’s going on in your home in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas

While the cameras can give you a bird's eye view (or whatever view you want) of your property, indoors and out, other smart features will put your mind at ease too.

Security Cameras

There are a host of options for security cameras. Many are built for indoor and outdoor use, and some are optimized for either environment. Some cameras have remote zoom and panning capabilities, letting you control the view or get closer to something you spot. Most systems have motion-sensing capability and can send a notification when movement is detected. The smartest systems use machine learning techniques to identify pets, people, or other objects, and will not alert you when normal motion is detected.

Some cameras have two-way audio capabilities and can detect sounds. You can be alerted to an unexpected bump in the night while you're away. Two-way audio is also useful to soothe a pet or even talk to someone at home that may not be mobile.

Security cameras don’t have to make your home look like a fortress. Many styles are available that can be discreetly installed both outdoors and inside the house. Installation is straightforward, with many models using IP (your home network) and requiring only one cable for both the feed and power requirements.


A step beyond security cameras is a surveillance system. With surveillance, the cameras record a continuous feed of video at scheduled times or all the time if you wish. Some systems store the video in the cloud, but the best ones use a local recorder that is similar to the DVR on your TV. For network-connected cameras, these are called NVRs, and they allow you to search footage by dates and times, movement, and other criteria. The most advanced systems can let you search for objects, like a delivery truck that pulled up in front of your property. Surveillance systems also have remote capabilities that let you take a look at your video footage – and search it – from the convenience of an app on your smartphone or mobile device.

Smart Locks

If you did forget to lock the front door when you left in the morning, smart locks could ease any worries. A glance on your smartphone can let you check the status of any smart lock equipped door and lock it with a touch. Garage door openers can be outfitted with intelligent capability, too, letting you close that garage door remotely. Conversely, if you are expecting a delivery, you can open your garage to safely get a package inside while you're away. Your smart cameras can identify the delivery, and you can close everything up after it's done. 

Smart locks also let you give service people or guests temporary access to your home. When it’s no longer needed, you can revoke access, making it much easier and safer than having to retrieve an extra key or hiding one outside the door. Or you can identify the person remotely, talk with them through two-way audio, and unlock the door with a touch on a smartphone app.


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We’ve only touched on a few features of smart security cameras and systems. To learn more, we encourage you to set up a one-on-one consultation with our team. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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