Protect Your Home with a Modern, Intelligent Security Camera System

A security camera installed under the eaves of a home.

Today’s AI-Powered Cameras Provide Next-Level Surveillance 

What’s more important than protecting your family and home? Many people rely on outdated security systems, which may be fine for detecting break-ins but are not particularly useful for keeping you informed of what’s happening in and around your home. But with modern security camera systems, all that has changed. 

What’s new with security cameras? While they have been around for a long time, analog surveillance systems are not as flexible or intelligent as newer IP network-based  solutions. This month, we’re going to cover surveillance solutions in a series. In this first blog, we’ll cover the advantages that the latest camera technology brings for improved security in your Salt Lake City, UT area home. Keep reading below, and stay tuned to this space for more!

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System 

High Resolution, High Intelligence

Like your TV, smartphone camera, and just about everything else, resolution is up in modern cameras. Today’s surveillance cameras capture sharp digital images in HD, 4K and even 8K resolution at the high end. Much has to do with the difference between older analog camera systems and digital ones? 

Analog cameras capture images at a lower resolution than digital. Analog signal transmission also degrades over long distances, requiring some compromises in installation. The analog cameras can record to a digital video recorder, but it requires a conversion to the digital format, which requires processing power at the recorder. IP cameras record to a network video recorder or NVR, and digital recording at the camera aids in system performance and efficiency. Also, digital recording allows for easier audio capture, as transmission from analog cameras happens over coaxial cable which doesn’t carry audio signals. 

The bottom line? IP-based camera systems are the way to go, and they bring further advantages. The high-resolution capture allows for intelligent features like digital zooming to see detail and smart features – powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms – that can detect details like people, colors, vehicles, license plates, and more. Also, today’s digital cameras have improved night vision capabilities, often in full color, aided by advanced software. We recommend Luma cameras with their unique Starlight night vision technology. Starlight uses bigger pixels to capture light, allowing for excellent night vision capability in color even with lower resolution HD models. 

Camera Types

There’s a tremendous array of camera types to suit any location in your home you want to monitor, indoors and out. Dome cameras can mount unobtrusively on a ceiling indoors or under an eave for outdoor areas and capture a wide field of view. Digital zooming capabilities can enable zooming it later when reviewing footage. Bullet cameras are another popular option, focused on an area like an entry or specific part of your yard. These are also available with narrow or wide fields of view. 

Another intelligent camera type is known as PTZ for pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Depending on the model, these cameras can pan (or move), follow, and zoom in on detected movement indoors or outside. Some models can also be remotely controlled, so if you receive a notification of activity, you could choose to manually control the camera to take a closer look from your smartphone. 

Show and Tell AV works with commercial-grade camera vendors like Luma Surveillance. Another key advantage of these commercial-quality camera systems is remote control and updating. We can monitor the health of your system, detect any issues, and often fix the problem remotely. We can also keep camera firmware up to date to ensure your cameras have all the latest fixes and features. 


At Show & Tell AV solutions, we provide cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. To learn more about smart home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Show & Tell AV Solutions today. 

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