3 Trends in Home Technology to Watch This Year


These Picks Are Expected to Gain Serious Traction in 2021

With trends in home automation and control always on the move, we like to start the beginning of each year with educated predictions of what we believe will take the spotlight over the next 12 months. The pandemic undoubtedly shaped the wants and needs of smart homeowners in 2020, and we don’t expect those opportunities to shift course very much as we enter 2021.

With that said, we believe this year’s home technology trends may already be here. These categories sat on the fringes in 2020, and we expect them to continue their momentum in the coming months to accommodate the wants and needs of homeowners who are figuring out new ways of living well amid the effects of an unprecedented pandemic. Learn about these fast-growing trends below.

Wellness Technology

Though wellness technology made a big debut in 2020, its growth has just begun. Home technology for improved health will only expand in 2021. Homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT and around the country will continue to turn to solutions like circadian lighting for improved focus and sleep while spending more time indoors. Biophilia will flourish, bringing simulated nature escapes to the home by way of virtual skylights and windows, nature-related audio and video, and astronomically controlled lights and shades.

Homeowners will also turn to integrated air and water filtration systems that not only feature advanced purification capabilities but can notify users of potentially harmful substances that could be affecting their health, send reports on air quality around the world for better travel planning, and more. Smart homes will continue to become self-care hubs in 2021 to improve our quality of life while indoors.

Home Theaters

A slew of factors created the home theater boom that began in 2020 and will continue to thrive in the new year. High-quality content from video streaming services, closures of commercial theaters, a growing number of first-run movies on demand, cutting-edge consumer audiovisual technologies, and increased time spent at home have all brewed the perfect storm for private cinemas.

Source material quality is improving all the time, with streaming platforms like Netflix offering content that boasts 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos surround sound. Even more advanced is the emerging world of 8K. At four times the resolution of 4K, 8K TVs are on the market and bringing with them a slow but promising surge of 8K entertainment—particularly for those who use their theater for gaming.

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Home Networking

The worlds of work and school changed drastically over the last year, with families transitioning to remote working and distance learning amid the pandemic. In fact, Upwork’s “Future of Workforce Pulse Report” states that 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021. Other working adults may instead adopt a hybrid remote-office model going forward.

As a result, we’ll continue to see a strong need for robust and reliable home networking systems that can support these new online demands at home. Home networking equipment will continue to improve in order to support greater uptime, capacity, security, and reliability. Not only will homes need professional-grade networks to support critical tasks like work and school, but they’ll need support for high-quality streaming as well as their ever-growing connected homes.

We’re excited to look back and see if we hit the nail on the head with these predictions. In the meantime, you can always keep up with more hot tips and tricks in smart home technology by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter. Show & Tell AV Solutions is proud to be your local leader in all things home automation and home entertainment. To learn more about our services, connect with us here or use the live chat box below to speak with us now!

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