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4 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Surveillance System


A Surveillance System Installation Does More Than Deter Crime

Let’s try an exercise. Ask the next person you see why they think a home surveillance system is important. Now, was their answer “to protect homes from criminal activity” or something of the sort? We’d bet so. This answer is overwhelmingly the number one reason why homeowners believe they should invest in a surveillance system installation, and they’re right to believe so.

According to several studies, surveillance systems help reduce crime by at least 50%. But that’s not all they do. You can wring out so much more from your surveillance system to assist you in several other ways. Read below for four unique ways to maximize the potential of your surveillance system.

Monitor Contractors and House Projects

House projects in Bountiful and the surrounding Utah areas have skyrocketed as homeowners stay put amid the pandemic and find ways to improve their dwellings. Whether you’re putting in a hot tub or repainting the kitchen, renovations require contractors to be on your property for long hours. Instead of feeling forced to stay nearby, you can rely on your surveillance system to monitor their work, keep track of their arrival and departure, and ensure they don’t cause inadvertent damage to your property.

Document Damage from Inclement Weather

Accidents happen—often with no warning. If you’re away and a severe winter storm trudges over your neighborhood, the result could be a damaged roof from heavy icicles and strong winds. Even worse, the damage could lead to roof leaks. Should this happen (and we hope it doesn’t), you can scan your network video recorder (NVR) to accurately document the timeline of the incident, as well as what exactly was damaged, to make insurance claims less stressful and help expedite the process.

Relay Suspicious Activity to Neighbors

It’s your duty to speak up if you notice suspicious activity in the area. Advanced surveillance systems use machine learning techniques to identify people and vehicles, among other objects. Suppose you notice a lingering car on the street or hear a description of a potential criminal in the area. If so, you can search your outdoor security camera footage via your NVR by specific criteria to locate a license plate number or confirm whether the person you saw walk past your house last night matches the description.

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Keep a Close Eye on Babysitters and Pets

It can feel unnerving to leave young kids with a babysitter or pets to their own devices when you’re away from home. For better peace of mind, lean on your surveillance system, which features remote capabilities to allow you to view live and recorded video footage from anywhere you have an internet connection. Even better, cameras with audio capabilities allow you to talk through the cameras so you can remind the babysitter to lock the front door or tell your dog to get off the couch.

A professional surveillance system is truly worth its weight in gold—especially when you use it to its fullest potential. Our technology professionals at Show & Tell AV Solutions can help you design and install the right surveillance system based on your property, needs, and budget. To learn more about our services or begin planning your project, contact our team here or use the live chat box below.

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