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Master Natural Light in Your Home with Motorized Shades


QMotion Automated Shades Manage Light, Beautifully

Your first thought about motorized shading might be about convenience. After all, what’s more convenient than pushing a button and having your window shade go up or down?  One of the beauties of adding automation to a straightforward function is what you can do with it in concert with other automation. That’s when you start reaping the benefits of smart home control.

Have you heard the term “daylight harvesting?” Just as it sounds, it's about making the most of natural light. Fortunately, in Salt Lake City and the Utah Wasatch mountains, sunshine is abundant. Motorized shades can help you make the most of natural light in any season, saving energy, increasing comfort, and enhancing your interiors. Keep reading to learn how to master natural light in your home.

Follow the Sun

Depending on your sun exposure, your motorized shades can be programmed to let in just the right amount of light. Schedules can be used to automate the raising and lowering of your shades. In the warmer months, raise them all the way for morning sun, and lower them partially when the sun gets more intense to limit heat gain indoors. Maximize light by going fully raised on the side of the house where there's less exposure. On sunny winter days, you might want shades up all day as the days are short. Maximizing sunlight can help keep you more alert, reduce the need for artificial ambient light in the daytime, and keep the house warmer in winter.

Integrated Control

More benefits accrue when motorized shades are combined with other automated features in your home. As natural light bathes your rooms, you can use lighting control to lower or turn off ambient lighting, using only task lighting as necessary. As your spaces warm, your home automation system can direct your thermostat to maintain a comfortable lowered heat level. Your kitchen, home office, and other rooms can save energy and enjoy the healthful benefits of sunlight. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, and your home automation system can use UV sensors to lower shades to protect interior furnishings and finishes.

The QMotion Difference

Show and Tell AV Solutions partners with QMotion for motorized shading solutions. QMotion has some different wrinkles up their sleeve when it comes to automated shading. For one, they integrate beautifully with Control4, giving you all the advantages of combining your shades with your lighting, climate control, AV automation, security, and more. QMotion employs some of the industry’s quietest motors, so your shades will be seen but not heard. Their battery-powered models are long-lasting, and you may go years without recharging them depending on use.  QMotion also has a handy, exclusive feature – manual override. Sometimes if you are right by a window shade, you may just want to adjust it manually, because it will be easier than reaching for a remote or your smartphone!


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Let Show and Tell AV Solutions show you how to harness natural light in your home with motorized shading. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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