Is a Multi-Room Audio Video System Right for You?


3 Signs That Show You May Benefit from Audio Video Distribution

A multi-room audio video system can be a tremendously valuable solution for homeowners who have a love affair with high-quality video and sound. The ability to share music, movies, and TV to any and every room of the home and control it all from one interface is a seamless and magical experience.

With that said, audio video distribution truly thrives in the right applications. It’s not necessarily a useful solution for every home and family. As a leading installer of multi-room audio video systems for homes in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas, our team can help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. Below are three tell-tale signs that show you may benefit from audio video distribution.


You Use Multiple Media Sources

These days, most people stick to streaming services for their home entertainment. With the growing library of 4K content on video platforms like Netflix and high-fidelity audio files on music platforms like Tidal, why not take advantage of the convenience of streaming?

Despite its popularity, streaming isn’t the last word in home entertainment. You may also enjoy the local news via satellite, watch live sports games on cable, have cherished audio files on a music server, or exercise your Blu-ray collection. Additionally, you may have TVs in several rooms, each of which would require its own setup boxes, media sources, and remote controls to access all your content.

Here’s where audio video distribution shines. A multi-room AV system centralizes all your media sources within a tucked-away media rack and sends your choice of music and video to any and every display and speaker system in the home—without the need for one-to-one setups. From a universal remote, you can quickly access content from a Blu-ray disc, your Kaleidescape movie server, music server, cable box, or streaming device and enjoy it anywhere you wish. Talk about convenience at your fingertips.

You Put Great Care into Your Home’s Interior Design

In any beautifully styled home, technology can look like… well, technology. Cable clutter and exposed AV sources don’t necessarily scream “posh.” If you have a big heart for entertainment but also value your home’s feng shui, you can greatly benefit from audio video distribution as it takes away the need for unsightly components and wiring in every room.

You’ll also have greater flexibility for where to install your TVs and speakers so that they perfectly complement your unique interiors. Mount your Sony 4K TVs like flush picture frames among your wall décor or above fireplaces. Take advantage of architectural speakers from Paradigm that hide discreetly within your walls and ceilings for hidden yet uncompromising audio throughout your home.

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You’re Interested Home Automation

Our team uses Control4 for our multi-room AV installs not only because Control4 is a world leader in home technology but because Control4 is also a full-fledged home automation system. While you can easily access and share media throughout the home using the Control4 app or handheld Neeo remote, you can also call up other smart home functions using the same controller, such as home lighting and shading control, door locks, thermostats, and more.

Though you may not be ready to integrate all your home devices just yet, starting with a Control4 multi-room AV system is the perfect gateway to adding more layers of smart home features later. Control4 truly sets the bar high by integrating with tens of thousands of devices to create a personalized smart home system that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Ready to embrace the power and convenience of audio video distribution? Connect with our home technology experts at Show & Tell AV to learn how to get started on your project. You can reach us by filling out our online contact form or using the live chat box below to speak with us now!

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