Upgrade Your Lighting with LED Recessed Lighting

A Utah living room with recessed LED lighting and a lighting control system.

Modular LED Lighting and Lighting Control Elevates Your Home’s Appeal

Unless you built a totally custom home, chances are the house has a "standard" lighting package. What does that mean? Even in high-end homes, some builders don't invest in upper-end lighting. You might have plenty of cans for ambient overhead lighting, but the quality of those lights might not be the best. This is especially true if your home is equipped with compact fluorescent lighting, some of which isn't even dimmable!

But there are plenty of solutions to transform your Salt Lake City home’s lighting. And it doesn’t require a wholesale redo of your existing infrastructure. LED lighting and lighting control can be retrofitted into your current home, adding customizability and control over your illumination like never before. Keep reading below to learn more about seeing your Utah home in a whole new light!

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Home Automation Systems: Does the Remote Still Matter?

The new Control4 Halo remote control in a man’s hand.

Control4’s New Halo Remotes Are the Best of Both Control Worlds

Is the world obsessed with touchscreens? Maybe slightly, based on how often we use our smartphones for just about everything. Even automobile infotainment systems are all going for touchscreen control, with bigger screens in every generation. Does that mean remote controls with actual buttons are dead? 

Control4, the longtime industry leader and innovator in home automation systems, emphatically says, “No!” No slouch when it comes to making excellent touchscreen controls for smart homes, Control4’s new Halo remotes bring the best of touch control with good old-fashioned buttons that feel great in the hand. Learn more about the Halo remotes below to see if they’re right for your Salt Lake City, UT, smart home!

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4 Must-Have Elements in a Smart Home

The living and kitchen area of  Park City mountain home with a smart home control system.

These Are the Signature Smart Home Control Systems That Enhance Your Lifestyle

What is a smart home? Many people may have opinions on the definition, but we feel it's a home that makes various intelligently controlled home functions work together. It's more than intelligent climate control and lighting automation; it's how they work together, so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

You could have a semi-smart home with only one or two of these features. But if you have all four under the umbrella of a smart home control system, you've got the nucleus of a smart home, one that will make a noticeable difference in your Park City, UT lifestyle. Let's explore these four features below.

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What Does a Smart Home System Do for You?

A home automation system touchscreen controller sits on a table in a Salt Lake City home.

Smart Homes Should Enhance Your Lifestyle

Surely you hear about smart this and smart that on a weekly basis. Every new refrigerator seems to need an internet connection to enable smart features, and your thermostat, security camera, lights, speakers, and other devices are now all “smart.” 

So what does that mean? Is it about giving you an app to control that device or appliance remotely? Well, that is part of it. How about controlling it by voice commands? Yes, that’s part of it, too. How about turning things on and off by a schedule? In many cases, that too! So if you can do all that with smart devices, why would you need a smart home system in your Salt Lake City home? That’s what we’re covering today for Utah homeowners. Please keep reading below!

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Boost Your Home Theater Audio with New Marantz Receivers and Processors

New Marantz AV60 home theater audio receiver.

Marantz Delivers Sonic Upgrades with Their Latest Components

Since its founding in 1953, Marantz has always been a trusted name in high-end audio. If you're an audio enthusiast old enough to remember, Marantz receivers were the top of the class in the 1970s and are still prized by vintage audio collectors today. 

Marantz is still a significant player in high-end audio, only now their product line also extends into home theater audio. Their line of home theater receivers and processors have always been respected for their musical chops as well as excellence in surround sound, a feat that others don’t always manage as well. 

Recently, Marantz has upped the ante again with new flagship home theater receiver and processor models. If you’re looking for a sonic upgrade to your Salt Lake City, UT home cinema, these should be on your shortlist. Keep reading below for more!

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