The Making of a Media Room with M&K’s On-Wall Speakers


Today’s Media Rooms Deliver High-Fidelity Surround Sound

In this, our third and final write-up on the incredible company known as M&K Sound, we’re addressing the products we use to create multi-purpose media rooms and immersive gaming systems. 

Media rooms require a specific type of home audio system, with the strategic placement of the right speakers and equipment. After all, no one want’s their home’s aesthetics marred by bulky equipment.

Let’s explore how you can make almost any room a media room in your home in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas, and how M&K speakers bring high-fidelity audio to these rooms without distracting from their design. 

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Create the Ultimate Home Theater Experience with High-End Audio


M&K Sound Offers the Perfect Solution for Your Dedicated Home Theater

We recently introduced the amazing world of M&K Sound. Today, we’d like to dive into how we use their products to design and integrate high-end audio systems into incredible, dedicated home theaters. 

Thanks to M&K Sound and their collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, the movie soundtrack envelops the listener and draws them into the story, making them part of the experience. M&K has been on the frontlines of surround sound since its inception, developing the first home theaters for producers and directors and leading the industry.

Now, we can use their incredible sound systems to transform our client’s home theater experience into one that surpasses the best cinemas in the Park City, UT area.

Let’s see how it’s done! 

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The History of Remarkable High-Performance Audio--M&K Sound


Learn About M&K Sound’s History and Incredible Achievements 

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we’re all about premium audio and video components that integrate effortlessly into your smart home. The result is a home that’s easy to manage and extremely enjoyable. In this, our first in a series, we’re excited to discuss M&K Sound, one of our favorite partners in high-fidelity audio. 

M&K speakers and subwoofers are some of the best on the market. In fact, musicians, directors, and engineers from around the world use them in film, music, and studio production. A few of the industry leaders you’re probably familiar with include Warner Bros, Universal, DreamWorks, Lucas Film, Sony Music, THX, and Disney—just a few of the world’s finest filmmakers and audio experts that turn to M&K Sound.

Let's explore how this audio brand elevates sound in homes in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. 

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How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space


Spend More Time Outside with Audio and Video Designed for the Great Outdoors 

We've recently discussed the incredible world of home entertainment spaces and how smart home technology has transformed these areas. In this, our third installment, we’d like to take it outside and cover one of our great passions—outdoor audio-video

There’s something incredibly relaxing and almost life-changing when your outdoor area becomes an extension of your home. You spend time enjoying nature with friends and family, watching movies under the stars, or listening to your favorite musicians as music fills your landscape. 

We know it's February and the chilliest of days are not yet behind us in Salt Lake City, UT, or our neighboring communities. In fact, snow may very well be in the forecast. However, spring is approaching, and, really, what better time than now to dream about what the summer might bring.

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The Creation of a Media Room


Learn How to Turn Any Room into a Media Room

When compared to home theaters, the media room is a relatively new concept and owes part of its popularity to the rise in smart home automation. Today, homeowners can tap a button on an in-wall keypad or remote control and watch as their fine art painting transforms into a large 4K or 8K HDR TV and sound fills a room from speakers hidden from view. Now, any room in your Park City, UT, home can become a media room. 

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