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A Lighting Control System Changes the Way Your Home Looks and Feels

Lighting moves and inspires us. It illuminates the task at hand, and it can leave us feeling energized. With a lighting control system, you can have the power of light at your fingertips! Adjust the brightness of a room with a beautifully customized wall keypad that matches your décor, or say, “Hey Google, turn on the living room” to turn all of the lamps on in your main living area. 

Light also has a way of transforming things in our daily life. Take your artwork and photography collection, for example. In a dim room, the colors simply don’t pop, and in a too-bright room, the colors look harsh, or worse, there’s a glare! It's essential to work with a lighting design specialist like Show & Tell AV Solutions to avoid this unfortunate scenario. Keep reading to learn how you can elevate your daily lifestyle and show off your personal style with color-tunable lighting.

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Live Your Life in Color with Smart and Controllable RGB Lighting


Learn 3 of our ideas for using color-changing lights to infuse your days with fun

Enough articles about how lighting control is “convenient” and “energy-efficient” and “practical” — let’s talk about how much FUN lighting control can be. One of our favorite smart trends is using RGB lighting to bring a splash of color and unique customization to homes of all shapes and sizes. RGB LEDs combine red, blue, and green in one module to create and generate over 16 million hues of light. 

When you integrate RGB lights into a home lighting control system, you suddenly have an entire color palette at your fingertips. With the press of a button on your smartphone, you can send vibrant colors to bathe every room in your home. Sound fun? Read on below to learn three ways to use color-changing lights to brighten up your day-to-day at home!

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Can Amplifiers and DACs Improve Your Headphones?


Headphone Amplifiers

Just like the amplifier that powers your full-sized speakers, a headphone amp works in the same way on a much smaller scale. This low-powered amp increases the signal from your devices, such as your smartphone or PC, amplifying low-voltage signals to higher levels.

Built-in amps tend to distort and compress sound, losing the dynamic range of the music, while high-quality headphone amps are designed to preserve the original signal.

The result is studio-quality sounds that greatly improve the listening experience, providing louder, crisper sounds. Power and quality are the two main reasons people use dedicated headphone amps from high-end companies like MyteK and McIntosh. Below are two of the models we most recommend for our clients.

The Liberty THX AAA Headphone AMP from MyTek provides powerful, precision sound with minimal distortion. The amp also comes with a reference tool to adjust volume and sound settings for optimal listening and production.

We also have the McIntosh MHA200 headphone amp coming to our showroom soon. This beautiful, compact amplifier boasts four different impedance ranges, balanced, and unbalanced inputs. Enjoy sound in stereo or left and right outputs. The MHA200 features McIntosh’s trademark vacuum tube amplification and a toroidal power transformer for powerful, pristine sound with a wide range of headphones and music sources.

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Our Favorite Audiophile Headphones for High-End Listening



Cherished by music lovers, music producers, and mastering engineers, the LCD-X (pictured above) is Audeze’s most popular headphone. In fact, you can find the LCD-X and other high-end headphones from Audeze in some of the world’s most prestigious production houses!

These over-ear, open-back and closed back headphones feature Planar Magnetic drivers that reproduce the most intimate musical details with microscopic clarity. Experience pinpoint imaging, an impressive sense of space, and excellent transient response—allowing you to hear every recording as the creators intended.

And if you still need convincing that headphones are a fair competitor with stereo loudspeakers, consider this review by The Absolute Sound: “It is my opinion that the LCD-X can compete with all of the very best high-end loudspeakers.”

You can find both the open back and closed back models on display at our showroom.

Audeze LCD-2


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5 Portable Headphone Picks for Discerning Listeners on a Budget


Cleer Audio Ally Plus Wireless Earbuds

These noise-cancelling earbuds are packed with such great features, you’d wonder why they’re just $99. Enjoy exceptional peace and quiet with Active Noise Cancellation or let in some environmental noise and stay aware of your surroundings with Ambient Mode.

Their custom-tuned 10mm Neodymium drivers deliver premium quality to envelop you in your tracks. Plus, they’re sweatproof to survive any workout. With up to 30 hours of playback, you’ll never have to worry about losing your music while out and about.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds

Tech Radar calls these the “best true wireless earbuds you can buy today.” At $250, these industry-leading noise-cancelling earbuds are a must-have for those who prefer in-ear headphones but don’t settle on quality.

The WF-1000XM4 earbuds support high-resolution audio playback thanks to Sony’s LDAC audio technology, which transmits nearly three times more data than conventional Bluetooth wireless audio for sound performance that’s as close as possible to that of a wired connection. You can also upscale compressed digital files in real-time and restore lost details for a richer listening experience.

Get lost in your music for up to 24 hours without having to recharge and get notified via the Sony Headphones Connect mobile app when battery life is low.

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