Modernize Your Meeting Spaces with ClearOne AV Solutions


Integrate Clear Audio and Video Into Any Workspace

Today’s business moves fast. Communication and collaboration technology has ratcheted up the speed, ease, and efficiency of sharing information and getting things done. What’s more, the technology is everywhere, as armies of remote workers are intimately familiar with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and other solutions that bring together integrated audio and video communication with collaboration tools to hasten the pace of work. 

As your staff returns to the office or works in a hybrid model, your meeting room tech needs to keep up. Grainy video and garbled audio make for unproductive meetings and projects. Fortunately, new, cloud-connected solutions can upgrade your meeting spaces. Show and Tell AV Solutions offers full audio-video integration services to modernize your meeting space for today’s work models. Keep reading below to learn more about ClearOne AV solutions for your workspace in Park City, UT, or the surrounding areas. 

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How Light Affects the Performance of Your Conference Room AV

Modern conference room with lighting and shade control in Salt Lake City.

And the Performance of Your Teams Too

Have you ever fallen asleep during a presentation? It might be easy to do in a darkened room watching a never-ending string of Powerpoint or Prezi slides. Or perhaps your mind wandered because the slides were hard to see. In both cases, it may have been the lighting that kept you from focusing. 

Many conference room AV systems employ flat panel TVs or projectors for displays. Projectors are highly affected by ambient light, and LED displays are less so. But both benefit from the right lighting and, importantly, the controllability of light in the room. Let’s get into more detail below on how lighting can affect your AV and your staff in your Salt Lake City, UT, meeting spaces. 

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Create Atmospheric Interiors with Control4 Lighting

An elegant and sophisticated kitchen with a brilliantly illuminated dining area.

Discover How Working with a Premier Integrator Brings Brilliance to Your Luxury Home

Light is a universal element of life; its ubiquity can obscure its profound influence on our lives. When you walk into a room, it is not the decor or the architectural lines that first impact you. The quality of illumination reaches into your subconscious, holding sway over your perceptions and even your emotional connection.  

Our expert team is passionate about providing you with Control4 lighting that blends the practical with the theatrical, creating living spaces that stimulate creativity, inspire the mind, and stir the soul.  

Is your curiosity piqued about the possibilities for your luxury home in Bountiful, UT, and surrounding areas? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

Attuned to You

Your home is more than a place to protect you from the elements or provide privacy. In addition, its form, function, and flow are representations of your personality and perspective. Your lighting should meet all your needs, whether clear white for cooking or dramatic splashes of color that excite the senses and quiet a racing mind.  

The remarkably influential and world-renowned designer and author Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz concurs, stating in an Elle Decor interview that “Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.” A sophisticated system gives you the power to shape your environment, allowing you to play out your moods at the swipe of an interface or with your voice. 

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The Advancements in Control4’s Next-Generation Controllers

 A home with an on-wall Control4 touchscreen and a Control4 platform displayed on the bedroom’s flatscreen TV

The CORE Series Processors Offer Faster Speed and Better Performance

In this, the second of our three-part series on the latest Control4 upgrades, we’re going to take a deep dive into the Control4 Controllers—the brain of your smart home. When Control4 came out with their OS 3.3.0 software upgrade in 2022, they also came out with the new CORE series processors—the CORE 1, CORE 3, and CORE 5 Controllers. 

CORE 1 is the basic, entry-level controller and has the power to control a single room. It includes wireless Zigbee control for smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more. CORE 3 takes it up a notch and can control a smaller townhome or large garage. 

Core 5 is the powerhouse and Control4’s main controller for an entire home. It offers numerous improvements, including speed and performance. So let's explore what this next-generation controller offers homeowners in Park City, UT and the surrounding areas. 

Core 5—The Ultimate Smart Home Controller

CORE 5 has the processing power to manage a 10,000-square-foot home, controlling all of your connected devices. It offers the ultimate experience in Control4 home automation and can deliver the performance and speed needed for Control4’s beautifully designed and simple-to-use interactive on-screen menu. With one touch, users have instantaneous control of their lighting, climate, audio, video, and security systems, including video surveillance monitoring.

In addition to controlling hundreds of smart devices, it also automates complex systems like audio-video distribution, the climate in multiple zones, interior and exterior lighting, and all-important security. Furthermore, the 4K on-screen menu offers effortless control of your entertainment sources and scene selection.

For those unfamiliar with a Control4 smart home, preset scenes allow users to manage multiple systems with one touch. For example, we may program an "Away" button that our clients press on an in-wall keypad as they leave their homes. This activates a sequence of events, including turning the lights off, adjusting the temperature, locking the doors, and arming the alarm. 

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Experience Smart Home Living at Its Best with Control4

A living room with in-ceiling speakers and the Control4 operating system displayed on the TV screen.

The Control4 Smart Home Is Improved Again with the Upgraded OS 3.3.0 Operating System

Control4 has long been a leader in smart home automation systems. Several reasons for its popularity include ease of use, integration with nearly every smart device on the market, and its continual advancements. These are just a few of the many reasons we, at Show & Tell AV Solutions, are an Authorized Diamond Control4 dealer who proudly serves Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. 

In this, our first in a three-part series on the latest Control4 system upgrade, we’ll offer an overall look at what homeowners can expect from the newest release before diving into the specifics in our following posts.

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