What to Know About Outdoor Security Cameras

The outside of a modern Utah home in winter with snow on the ground.

Look for These Key Features

One of the best ways to monitor and protect your home and property is with outdoor security cameras. Previously this month, we discussed three essential features of home security cameras. This month, we want to discuss some of the differences between indoor and outdoor cameras. To be fair, they are going to be quite similar. But you might be swayed by easy-to-install DIY camera systems with a long list of features. Some features are useful, but a few core ones might be missing. After all, if your camera takes a break and doesn't capture an important event, how does it help?

Keep reading to learn what you should look for in outdoor cameras for your Salt Lake City, UT, home.

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How Environmental Sensors Make Your Security System Smarter

 A man holding a smartphone in a car that shows the status of various parts of his home’s security system.

Smart Sensors Alert You to Problems So You Can React

If you have a newer home, you likely have all the basic safety features. For example, by code, you'll have a smoke detector inside every bedroom and another outside the entries. This is designed to loudly alert you to potential fire so you can take action. 

However, the basic safety features might not protect you from other perils that, while not necessarily life-threatening, could be very costly when unnoticed. Fortunately, intelligent environment sensors can be tied to smart security systems to provide more comprehensive protection to your Salt Lake City, UT, home and its inhabitants. Let’s take a look at three ways smart sensors can help you.

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The 3 Essential Features You’ll Want for Home Security Cameras

A picture of a Luma dome-style security camera.

Improve Your Home Security with These Modern Features

If you’re looking for a home security camera or system, just a little bit of searching will produce a vast array of choices. On the surface, they might seem almost identical, with many listing similar features and capabilities. But, as in most things, the differences are in the details. 

While there are many features we can discuss around security and surveillance cameras, we want to touch on three essential features you’ll want to better protect your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Ready? Keep reading!

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Home Lighting Control + DMF Lighting = An Enlightened Match

A kitchen in a Utah home outfitted with DMF lighting and control.

Discover the Power and Versatility of DMF DRD Series Lighting

DMF lighting is well known for its modular LED lighting systems. What's the big deal about modular lighting? It simplifies installation and provides great flexibility for homeowners to customize the lighting design in their homes. With the new, award-winning DRD Series, DMF continues to push the envelope in the ways you can use this lighting. 

Of course, any sophisticated Salt lake City residence should be outfitted with home lighting control, which not only makes it easy to manage many lights but also allows you to set the perfect atmosphere and ambiance with light. Is DMF’s DRD Series the right system for your Utah home? Keep reading to learn more!

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Accent Your Home with LED Linear and Color Lighting

A kitchen in a Utah home dramatically lit with LED linear under-counter lighting.

Get Creative with Home Lighting with Modern LED Fixtures

Home lighting is undergoing a quiet revolution. LED technology is thoroughly transforming the lighting world, being capable of so much more than what came before it. It can dynamically change white color temperature, display a rainbow of colors, and be shaped into lighting forms that were impossible before. 

Aside from the aesthetic possibilities, LED lighting lasts decades, is up to 80% more energy efficient, and generates little heat, one huge reason why it’s so wonderfully adaptable to many form factors. Keep reading to learn more about accenting your Park City, UT, home with linear and color LED lighting.

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