Automated Entertainment Systems

Automated Entertainment System

If you’re interested in automated entertainment systems for your Salt Lake City home, contact Show & Tell AV Solutions today and connect your entire home to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other smart devices. The industry of integrated AV systems and technology is expansive in terms of how your home and entertainment can be controlled remotely, even while you are away from the house.

Smooth & Simple Home Entertainment

Smart home technology has been a futuristic desire since before the popular 80’s children cartoon The Jetsons. Now you too can control every digital aspect of your home audio and video systems with the click of a button. You can turn on and off any of your integrated entertainment systems such as:

  • Surround sound
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Digital Projectors
  • TV and Media Devices

Skilled Installation Technicians & Technical Support

DIY kits featuring home automation cannot compare to the professional installations services offered by experienced audio/video installers. Whatever your lifestyle, Show & Tell AV Solutions is here to improve and increase the comfort and ease of access to your home, security, and entertainment systems.

Entertainment Automation

At Show & Tell AV Solutions we believe that incorporating home automation into your entertainment, home controls, and security systems will simplify your household saving you money and time. Whatever entertainment technology you own, Show & Tell AV Solutions can install and hardwire your home with remote access for easy and fun dinner parties as well as everyday living. We can help integrate any of your home entertainment technology all the way down to lighting, automated blinds, and video doorbells for seeing who’s at the door.

Call Us For A Free Consultation

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we can design and install your automated entertainment system in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Home automation is the next big thing to include for both commercial businesses and homes and is becoming the practical and cost-effective way to save time and money. Get rid of the headache of having to keep track of several remote controls and the various steps to hook-up or rewire game consoles. When you have a fully automated home entertainment system, you will have complete access to each automated device. Let Show & Tell AV Solutions to install your entertainment equipment and find out how fantastic the future of today is right now.