AV Receivers

AV Receiver

AV receivers are an essential component of any home audio system. At Show & Tell AV Solutions in Salt Lake City, we offer only the finest quality equipment and our experts are available to help you decide on the best audio and visual solutions for your home. Soundbars or Bluetooth speakers are rising fast in popularity, which leaves many wondering if AV receivers are a thing of the past. We’d like to help you see the difference in the sound quality, ease of access, and user experience of today’s home theater equipment.

Get Top Quality Sound

An AV receiver is the heart of any home audio system. It receives input from several of your devices and processes their signals into sound or video display. Your Blu-ray player, video game console, or Chromecast device can all be connected directly to the receiver which then amplifies the audio and displays the video on your screen. All of the audio and video sources in your home theater system should be connected to your receiver where you will easily be able to switch between all of them with one remote control. Some additional benefits of using an AV receiver for your entertainment would include:

  • Top Quality Surround Sound
  • All Audio & Video Connected To One Source
  • Easily Move Between Devices

AV Receivers Versus Stereo Receivers

With an AV receiver, both analog and digital surround-sound formats are able to be decoded and amplified. With stereo receivers, only analog audio connections are required. Home theatre receivers typically include 4 built-in amplifiers whereas stereo options contain two. Stereo receivers are designed more for listening to music than getting into multi-media functions. AV receivers are optimized for watching video and experiencing surround sound but they can still operate in a two-channel stereo mode which deactivates some of the speakers. Either way, both of these receivers can be used for a home theater experience and our experts can help you decide which option is best for you.

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At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we provide AV receivers along with other top-quality audio and video equipment in Salt Lake City. We offer the highest quality equipment available and can install your home theater system for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.