Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

If your business is in need of a conference room in the Salt Lake City area, let Show & Tell AV Solutions show you how it’s done with our state of the art conference room AV technology. If your business thrives on conference calls, strategy meetings, and traveling managers or employees, our advanced audio visual telecommunication systems can help your busy professionals to flourish.

Meet With Anyone Anywhere, Right Now

Cut down on the need for physical travel for special guests and presentations. Your business goals can be achieved faster without the extra costs associated with flights, gas, or hotel stays. With a professionally installed conference room AV system, you and your colleagues can discuss important decisions from wherever you happen to be in the world right now.

Interactive & Theater Quality AV Systems

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we can design a unique, high-quality video conferencing setup and presentation system to meet your distinctive needs. Present strategies, tactics, goals, and results in high definition. Crystal clear video and attention grabbing audio ensure that you always have a rapt audience. Just some of our conference room AV solutions include:

  • 4K TV’s For Small Meeting Rooms
  • The Latest 4K Projectors
  • Professionally Installed Speakers
  • Noise Cancelling Microphones
  • Wireless Presentation Setups
  • 2-Way Video Capturing Equipment
  • Reliable Wifi Setup

Offering Only The Best In Meeting Room AV

We are experts in designing and installing corporate conference room AV build-outs. Our skilled technicians can help you with everything from structural wiring to touch screen monitors for your training rooms. We’ve already done the product research for you. We offer the finest quality brands and cutting edge technologies.

Step Into The Future Of Digital Conferencing

Ready to add intercom and video conferencing to your office meetings? Contact your professional conference room AV installation solution, Show & Tell AV Solutions. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an audio visual design expert in and around Salt Lake City. Find out how the technology you choose can increase the impact of your meetings, seminars, and company training presentations right now.