Home Theater Rooms

Home Theater Acoustic Treatments

For a cutting edge home theater room in Salt Lake City, trust the experts at Show & Tell AV Solutions. Home theater rooms became important for entertaining many years ago, but the latest advances in home automation and audiovisual technologies have reignited personal home entertainment in Salt Lake City and across the country. Show & Tell AV Solutions is a premier Control4 Platinum product dealer and installation company. When it comes to home theater rooms we are the authority.

Home Theater Design

Having a custom designed home theater room can be as simple or as elegant as you see fit. We can assist with every facet of the design of your new home entertainment facility. Our designers take every detail into account and will put everything we have into any home theater design and installation project that we begin. At Show & Tell AV Solutions, flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are two of our highest priorities.

LCD’s, Plasmas, & Theater Screens

When it comes to home theater screen selection, there is a tremendous variety of styles, technologies, and ever improving viewing quality. The choices are nearly limitless but can be narrowed down based on the experience and ambiance that each client is looking to achieve. Whether our client desires an HD LCD, plasma, LED screen or even a projector, we can handle it all. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, tell us what you like, and we will find the most suitable solution to accomplish your ideal viewing situation. Salt Lake City area home theater rooms are our specialty.

Screen Installation

For home theater screen installation to be done properly, it takes more than a screwdriver, a mount, and a set of screws. Professional home theater installation guarantees a solid screen mounting process complete with recommendations to help achieve optimal acoustic sound quality and visual acuity.

Home Theater Surround Sound

Home Theater Surround SoundNo home theater room is complete without amazing crystal-clear audio to accompany the visual perfection that is synonymous with Show & Tell AV Solutions. We deal in only top-of-the-line surround sound equipment. All of these options are available when one retains the services of Show & Tell AV Solutions.

One Touch Controls

Contact the AV experts at Show & Tell AV solutions if you’re interested in a home theater room for your Salt Lake City home. We can optimize your movie viewing experience at home so that you can stay in with family and friends. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.