McIntosh Stereo Equipment

For the best in handcrafted audio and home theater systems, Show & Tell AV Solutions offers McIntosh Equipment to customers in Salt Lake City, Utah. The people behind the brand at McIntosh have consistently offered the finest quality standards for decades. In operation since 1949, McIntosh has the experience, passion, and performance that our customers demand.

What Makes McIntosh Stand Out?

McIntosh continues to be a driving force in the theater and audio arena and can compete with today’s best products and companies. Show & Tell AV Solutions continues to rely on McIntosh for products our customers need and want. The founding fathers of McIntosh built a strong foundation with a business and scientific focus that still drives the company today, and we honor that by putting their products—home audio, home theater systems, audio video equipment—front and center at Show & Tell AV Solutions in Salt Lake City. They care about their products: It can take up to two years from kicking off the concept among their technicians to producing the final product.

Home Theater Systems by McIntosh

McIntosh has several levels of home theater products to satisfy many different price points and needs. From a home theater system fit for the film connoisseur who has a large, dedicated space for the ultimate theater encounter to the movie lover who would like a superior home theater experience in a smaller, multi-functional setting. At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we can show you the entire line of McIntosh home theater systems, including:

  • Reference Theater Systems: The best of the best; get the popcorn ready.
  • Westchester I: 7-channel surround sound with 3600 watts of power for a peak audio experience.
  • Westchester II: A little less power, but has everything a movie lover needs, like the 7-channel surround sound.
  • Westchester III: Perfect for a small space, it provides a superior home theater experience.

 Audio Systems by McIntosh

  • Reference Audio Systems: Unparalleled audio engineering is at the forefront of this stunning system; you’ll feel like you’re hearing it live
  • SoHo I: Let’s you powerfully experience your music, in your largest room, in its truest form.
  • SoHo II: Built for medium to large spaces, it rocks your floor speakers, literally.
  • SoHo III: Simple and compact, with McIntosh signature quality sound reproduction.

Transform Your Home into a First-Class Audio and Theater Powerhouse

Show & Tell AV Solutions proudly serves Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as surrounding states. We look forward to talking with you about how McIntosh Equipment can take your sound and theater systems from ordinary to outstanding. Give us a call today for a free estimate.