Projector & Screen Installation

Projector & Screen Installation

Show & Tell AV Solutions of Salt Lake City, Utah are your projector and projector screen installation experts. We are excited to bring these services to residents and businesses alike. Bring your home entertainment and corporate presentations to the big screen. All in the privacy of your own home or office space.

Think Out of the Box Stores

Many people looking to create a home theater make the mistake of visiting a box store and buying the best projector and home projector screen they can find forgetting that a quality installation is necessary to get the most out of their purchase. Have you been shopping around for any of the following?

  • HD Video Projector
  • 3D Movie Projector
  • DLP Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • LED Projector

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we not only want to sell you the best projectors and screens your money can buy, we want to be sure you get what you paid for by having them installed properly. We know what will work in your space and how to get you the best quality at your price point.

Too Many Acronyms

Do you ever visit a store and find yourself lost in a sea of acronyms? HD, 3D, DLP, LCD, LED and a salesman rattling these off as if they all make perfect sense to you? At Show & Tell AV Solutions, you can expect us to be the experts. We don’t expect the same of you. You can come to us with as little or as much knowledge as you possess and we’ll meet your needs without a lot of jargon.

Tell us what sort of home theater experience you are hoping for, tell us your budget and we’ll find the system that works for you. It’s that simple. No need to fill your head with alphabet soup when all you’re looking for is an amazing home theater experience.

Nothing But the Show

If you’ve hired installation contractors before or attempted installations yourself you may already know, you’re often left with more than a new purchase. You may end up with new scratches, nicks and holes in your walls or ceilings with an installation gone wrong. We are expert installers, and the only thing we’ll leave behind is a high-quality projector and a properly installed screen to view your media on. No marks, scratches, unnecessary holes or surprises. A perfectly hung screen with a ready to operate projector. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Put Your Feet Up Today

At Show & Tell AV Solutions in Salt Lake, you’ll find a no pressure, relaxed and knowledgeable staff who will help create the home theater package you’re looking for. Schedule an installation and then plan to kick back and put your feet up to view your next movie at home. Invite your friends or keep it all to yourself. Whatever your plans, when you call us your home projector and screen will be installed and ready for years of enjoyment without a headache along the way.