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Home Security

Show & Tell AV Solutions is here to help protect your Salt Lake City, UT home with the very best in video surveillance and modern security systems. We are here to help design the most advantageous home security system to give you peace of mind and keep your family and home safe. We provide a variety of security and video surveillance systems for all budgets that add to the protection of your home. These systems range from light automation to full video surveillance and security systems. We install new systems, and our team of professional technicians will work with and combine the systems you may already have installed. We offer many security systems to choose from. We install video surveillance, intercoms (gates, front door and interior), keyless entry, smartphone control and monitoring, and integration with lighting for burglary prevention.

Your Home Security Is There When You’re Not At Home

Home SecurityShow & Tell AV Solutions not only has security cameras for your home, we also have a “mock lighting” security solution for you home that keeps the burglars out. The mock lighting security will mimic actual in-home activity as if the home is occupied, even if it is not. Burglars and thieves tend to stay away from an occupied home. Mock lighting can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You are in control of your home, even when you are not home. Intercoms in your front gates and throughout the interior of the house are also a great way to be sure you are letting the right people in. Having keyless entry will also greatly reduce the chances of a break-in, which is also controlled by any wireless device.

Free Estimates For Home Security Consultations

Show & Tell AV Solutions is ready to take your call for any home security needs. Our professional technicians will help you design what is best for your home. Even if something bad does happen, having the security will help in any chances of catching the thieves through video surveillance. We are proud to service the Salt Lake City, UT area as a Control4 Platinum product dealer. We feel confident that we have the best resources in the area to keep your home and family safe. Call Today.